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Dual Bar Beam Compass - Weems Plath 545E

  • Item No.: 545E-WP
  • Manufacturer: Weems & Plath
Sale price:$159.99
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  • Description

This aluminum channel beam compass, with graduations in both inches and millimeters, includes two 13-inch beam bars and one coupling.

The maximum arc/ diameter that can be drawn with this compass is 51.5 inches (140.97cm).

This specialized compass can be used to transcribe large circles/arcs, transfer measurements on large charts, or technical drawings for wood or metalwork projects.

A molded storage tray holds all the components in place when not in use.

A 13-inch (33.02cm) Extension Bar (545330) enables the user to extend the reach of the compass to a 64-inch (162.56cm) radius when using all extension bars. (Available separately.)


  • Includes: Two 13-inch aluminum beam bars
  • Two slide assemblies with thumbwheel
  • Cutting blade insert (mounts in slide assembly)
  • Full-sized pencil/ pen adapter (mounts in slide assembly)
  • Two spare points/ lead
  • Two point holders
  • Lead sharpener
  • Molded storage tray
  • Made in Germany
  • Lifetime warranty


Box - 16 5/8" x 4 3/4"/419.1 x 120.65 mm


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