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Exalto Type 1 Boat Marine Windshield Wipers -Motors - Blades

  • Exalto Type 1 Marine Wiper Motors

    Type 1 motors are offered in three varieties. The 223BD is a disk-based motor offering easy pre-setting of the wiping angle, making it the ideal choice for boat builders. The 223BS has a slot-type angle adjustment system allowing for the ideal wiper sweep from 40-90 degrees. The 233BD is a boxed version of the 223BD made especially for commerical applications where exposed motors are desired. All are offered in 12V or 24V in a variety of bulkhead thicknesses.

  • Exalto Type 1 Marine Arms

    The Type 1 arms are offered in three lengths. Each is also adjustable in length allowing us to offer arms from 11.8" to 29.5" in length. Each arm can support Exalto wiper blades up to 31.5" in length.