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Marine Wiper Washing Systems

  • Plumbing Fittings & Tubing

    A broad range of fittings and tubing to customize the interior plumbing of your washing system. We've got it all (elbows, tees, non-return valves, etc)

  • Bulkhead Mounted Marine Washing Jets

    These jets can be mounted directly to (or thru) the bulkhead either above or below the window to spray washing fluid on the windshield.

  • Marine Washing Jets

    These jets mount directly to the wiper arm to apply the washing fluid directly in front on the arms. Since each jet is specific to an arm, these jets can be found in the arm section of each wiper system.

  • Bulkhead Connectors

    To pass the washing fluid from inside the boat to the exterior, you run in through a Bulkhead Fitting like the ones in this section. They can be cut to length to accomodate decks of almost any thickness.

  • Reservoirs

    Easy to install tanks with integral pumps allow you to have a washing fluid supply separate from the ship's water supply. This is especially useful for commercial craft operating in cold temperatures so that anti-freeze can be added to the washing fluid.

  • Solenoid Valves

    Solenoid valves are a simple way to use your ship's pressure water supply as a source for wiper washing fluid. The solenoids are operated by a separate switch (usually a function of the wiper switch or panel).