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Exalto Type 2 and 3 Boat Windshield Wipers -Motors - Blades

  • Exalto Type 2 and 3 Marine Wiper Motors

    Exalto's Type 2 Motors have 50Nm power in two bulkhead thicknesses. 12V or 24V versions are available and will drive arms up to 39" (1000mm) with blades to 47" (1200mm). Type 3 Motors have 80Nm power that drives arms up to 59" (1500mm) with blades to 47" (1200mm).

  • Exalto Type 2 and 3 Marine Pantograph Arms

    Type 2 arms are adjustable in length from 29-39" in length. The "B" model accepts blades of 850mm or longer. The "S" models accept blades of 800mm or shorter. Type 3 arms are made to order in the length appropriate for each window (up to 59").