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W38 Series Boat Windshield Wipers -Motors - Blades

  • W38 Series Marine Wiper Motors

    The new W38 dual driven 38Nm motor drives a pantograph wiper arm of 35" and a wiper blade up to 36". These motors have an adjustable sweep angle mechanism that allows the installer to maximize the sweep angle anywhere from 45 to 110 degrees, and the ability to park on the left or righ-hand side of the glass. The 12V or 24V motors have 2 speeds (Slow @ 40 sweeps/min and Fast @ 60 sweeps/min). These dynamic park motors are covered by a 3 year warranty.

  • W38 Marine Wiper Arms

    Wiper Arms, 24-35", and Arm-mounted Washing Jets for the W38 Series Wiper Systems