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Coastal Series Boat Marine Windshield Wiper -Motors - Blades

  • Coastal Series Standard Marine Wiper Arms

    These arms are available in either pendulum or pantograph styles, in sizes from 12" to 24". They fit our Coastal Series motors as well as other popular wiper motors with 13.75mm shafts.

  • Coastal Series Heavy Duty Marine Wiper Arms

    Our heavy-duty Coastal arm carries many of the features and construction of our larger Exalto wiper arms yet fits our Coastal Series motor shaft. It has a cutout to accept an arm mounted washing jet and works with either our standard or heavy-duty Coastal blades.

  • Coastal Plus Wiper Arms

    The Coastal Plus wiper arms are available in either pendulum or pantograph styles in both black and electro-polished finishes. This series of arms offers a center blade clip on the pantograph wiper arm with dual springs and solid j-hook blade connection. Offered in sizes from 13.4 in. to 24 in., they fit our Coastal Series motors, as well as other popular wiper motors with 13.75mm shafts.

  • Marine Wiper Blades

    We offer two different styles of blades for use with Coastal Series wiper systems. If you are using the CS Standard Arms, use only Coastal Series Wiper Blades If you are using the CS Heavy Duty Wiper Arms, you can use either Coastal Series Wiper Blades or Exalto Stainless Steel Wiper Blades (but only up to 22" in length).

  • Coastal Series Marine Washing Kit

    We offer complete kits to add a washing system to your Coastal Series wiper system (or any similar wipers).The arm mounted jet is suitable for all 9mm flat stock wiper arms. Kits include 3 liter tank with stainless steel mounting bracket, pump and washing fittings.

  • Coastal Series Standard Heavy Duty Wiper Motors

    Heavy duty 2-speed motors to drive pendulum arms to 26" and pantograph arms to 24", with blades up to 22". Standard sweep angles of 45, 60, 80 and 110 degrees. Optional sweep disc (RCSWDISCSP) with sweep angles of 70, 80, 90 and 100 degrees is available separately.

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