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Marine Windshield Wipers - Wiper Motors

  • Coastal Series Boat Marine Windshield Wiper -Motors - Blades

    Imtra's Coastal Series boat windshield wipers are a great solution for smaller boats or boats with small windows. Featured items include high quality two-speed CE-approved motors and a wide range of pantograph and pendulum arms and blades. You will find Coastal Series Wiper Motors, Wiper Arms, Wiper Blades and Washing Kits

  • Exalto Type 1 Boat Marine Windshield Wipers -Motors - Blades

    Exalto Type 1 Wipers are ideal for mid-sized windows on pleasure craft or smaller windows on commercial applications. Made of the finest materials and designed for the demanding requirements of international commercial shipping trade, these are the finest wipers you will find for boat windows up to 42" tall. You will find Exalto Type 1 Wiper Motors, Wiper Arms, Wiper Blades and Washing Kits

  • W38 Series Boat Windshield Wipers -Motors - Blades

    The new W38 system includes a 38Nm motor which drives a pantograph wiper arm and blade up to 35". The motors have an adjustable sweep angle mechanism that allows the installer to maximize the sweep angle anwhere from 45 to 110 degrees, and the ability to park on the left or right-hand side of the glass. The 12V or 24V motors have 2 speeds (Slow 40 sweep/min. and Fast 60 sweep/min.). These dynamic park motors are covered by a 3 year warranty. Exalto Type 2 Wiper Motors, Wiper Arms, Wiper Blades and Washing Kits

  • Exalto Type 2 and 3 Boat Windshield Wipers -Motors - Blades

    Our Exalto Type 2 and 3 boat windshield wiper systems are considered to be the premier system chosen by large yacht and commercial shipbuilders. Heavy-duty windshield wipers for boats with windows over 40" high. The motors are proven workhorses with a three year warranty. Excellent workmanship combined with the highest quality components makes Exalto Type 2 and 3 systems the top choice for big wiper systems. You will find Exalto Type 1 - Type 2 Wiper Motors, Wiper Arms, Wiper Blades and Washing Kits

  • Marine Wiper Controls

    We offer a huge array of wiper control systems. These range from simple rotary switches to compact, but feature-filled panel switches to full-on control panels with detailed system status display.

  • Marine Wiper Blades

    We offer two different styles of blades for use with Coastal Series wiper systems. If you are using the CS Standard Arms, use only Coastal Series Wiper Blades If you are using the CS Heavy Duty Wiper Arms, you can use either Coastal Series Wiper Blades or Exalto Stainless Steel Wiper Blades (but only up to 22" in length).

  • Marine Wiper Washing Systems

    We have a complete range of components to customize the very best wipe/wash system for your boat. We've got it all from solenoids and reservoirs, to plumbing fittings and tubing.

  • Marine Wipers Spare Parts

    The spare parts you will need to repair your existing marine windshield wiper systems