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Rainfall Monitoring Instrument - Nickel Case, Silver Dial Rainwatch

  • Item No.: Maximum-KIT-RNAN
  • Manufacturer: Maximum
Regular price: $575.00
Sale price:$520.00
  • Description

Rainfall monitoring instrument housed in a nickel-plated, solid brass case with silver dial and black numerals.

Rainwatch weather instrument displays either long- or short-term rainfall with the flip of a switch.

Select the length of time for each 'counter' with the reset switch.

Collect annual rainfall in one memory and weekly or daily rainfall in the other.

Dial displays rainfall in user selectable units of measure from .01 to 99.99 inches, cm or mm, and also includes a printed inch/cm conversion chart.

Rainfall data is protected by a 10-year backup to preserve data during power outages.

Outside collector meets NWS specifications for size and accuracy, and is self-emptying for your convenience.

Rainwatch is also compatible with many other tipping style rainfall collectors.

Includes rain collector with 60' cable and AC adapter


  • Long- and short-term measurements from 00.00" to 99.00" of rainfall
  • Toggle between two counters to track daily or monthly rainfall
  • Maintains proper operation during power outages via 9V battery back-up
  • Self-emptying collector bucket meets NWS specifications for size and accuracy
  • Nickel plated solid brass case


  • Power: Standard AC Adapter
  • Case: 6.5" O.D. x 2.75" Deep
  • Dial: 4.75" Diameter
  • Rainfall: +/- 00.01 inches of rain