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Thruster, Ac, 450 Kg Thrust/386mm Tnl, Comp Prop 208-240vac 3-phase Input Power, Horizontal Mount - Sac450/386-c-2h

  • Item No.: SAC450-386-C-2H
  • Manufacturer: Imtra Marine Products
Regular price: $31,970.00
Sale price:$27,800.00
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  • Description

Thruster, Ac, 450 Kg Thrust/386mm Tnl, Comp Prop 208-240vac 3-phase Input Power, Horizontal Mount - Sac450/386-c-2h

Sleipner SAC450 Thruster, 386mm (15") tunnel ID, 450 kg (990 lb) continuous thrust, 208-240 VAC 3-phase.

Horizontal Mount Twin Counter-Rotating composite 4-blade Kaplan props. Coupled with the streamlined profile of the gear-leg in a 15" tunnel, the dual props offer efficient, equal thrust in both directions, and the Proportional controller system with VFD provides not only smooth acceleration, but also provides the safety of a momentary delay when switching directions to avoid an impact load on the gears.A complete Sleipner engineered system allows full proporti onal control of the thruster and unlimited run time, all based on the S-Link plug and play system. Learn more about Sleipner AC thruster systems.


  • Thruster controlled by S-Link digital bus based system
  • High quality marine standard flexible motor coupling
  • Gear leg made from seawater resistant bronze CNC machined in one process to ensure 100% correct tolerances, angles and measurements
  • Oil filled gear leg with header tank and venting to ensure to ensure long life
  • Marine grade seals with protective lip, mechanically protected by specific propeller hub design
  • Hardened and ground precision spiro-conical gears
  • Propeller shafts with double ball bearings
  • Anode protection directly on propeller for easy change
  • VFD, EMC Filter, PDC 301  Proportional Controller included


  • Manufacturers Part No: SAC450/386-C-2-H


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