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The Tamaya NC-2200 navigation computer, with a high resolution touch screen, features six built-in navigation programs with simple prompts that make it easy to perform complex navigation computations.

This state-of-the-art device provides the capability to graphically display lines of position.

It computes course and distance, dead reckoning, estimated time of arrival, current, true wind, LOP, Great Circle, and Meridian Passage.

In addition, this hand-held calculator includes HMS and HHH conversions, a long-term nautical almanac and twilight azimuth and altitude computations for celestial bodies.

The Tamaya NC-2200 uses three AAA style batteries, which allow the unit to function for eight continuous hours, and it is equipped with a stylus and neck strap.

High resolution 240x320 touch screen. Convenient conversions for HMS & to HHH.

Long term Nautical Almanac for the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn & 63 stars. Built-in Almanac through year 2099.

Accuracy better than 0'.2. Twilight time mode computes time of rise or set, age & azimuth for the Moon.

Prediction/ Identification mode computes azimuth & altitude for all celestial bodies & displays any usable bodies above the horizon.


  • Three AAA batteries, stylus & lanyard included
  • Made in Japan
  • Two year warranty


  • Width - 2.83" (72 mm)
  • Height - 4.42" (125 mm)
  • Depth - 0.53" (14 mm)

NSN: 6605-01-571-1851

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