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  • Description
Kit Box 600 S for integration 600 S 23.62" (600mm) - ZW2011517

Features & Benefits:

  • Zipwake is a fully automatic and active trim control system, Dynamically eliminates uncomfortable and dangerous boat pitch and roll, Automatically minimizes wave resistance and saves fuel, Built-in quality, simplicity, and easy expansion, yet affordable, 5-10 times faster than conventional trim tabs, Built-in GPS, 3D-Gyro and 3D- Accelerometer


  • Max Boat Speed: 60 knots, Blade Stroke: 1.2" (30mm), Blade Rate: 0.8 in/s (20 mm/s), Thru-Hull Cable Fitting: Concealed or above waterline, Servo Actuator: SU-S, Cable Material: PUR, Connector: M12 5-pin circular, Connector Diameter: 0.57" (14.5 mm), Cable Length: 10 (3 m), extendable up to 20' (6 m), Voltage: 12-32VDC, Power Consumption: 25W max, Operating Temperature: +32? to +104?F (0? to +40?C), Storage Temperature: -40? to +194?F (-40? to +90?C), Compliance: CE, FCC, Ingress Protection Rating (IP): IP65+, :


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